Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Swatch Booklets for a Large Cabinet Manufacturer

Shaffer Design Works in the Cleveland, Ohio area creates high-end marketing solutions for manufacturing companies and small start-up businesses. Rick Shaffer says, "Producing great work involves getting to know your customers business, personality and long-term goals. At Shaffer Design Works, we have a philosophy that includes a series of brief questions to assist in the marketing and creative success of our clients creative advertising objectives. This process also helps bring added benefit to our efficiency both on the production and budgetary sides of the business."

Below is an example of a series of swatch books that were designed by the team at Shaffer Design Works. One of the challenges with this project was the swatch books had to look cutting edge along with being able to withstand the elements of a typical construction site. This example demonstrates what the swatch booklets looked like before redesign and also demonstrates the approved layouts.

Cabinet Swatch Booklet Covers BEFORE

Cabinet Swatch Booklet Covers AFTER

Additional Cabinet Swatch Booklet Covers to Further Demonstrate Continuity and Brand Conformity

Birch Cabinet Swatch Book

Cherry Cabinet Swatch Book

Maple Cabinet Swatch Book

Oak Cabinet Swatch Book

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