Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tradeshow Exhibit Design and Graphics

Cleveland graphic designer and marketing expert, Rick Shaffer helps an array of customers with their marketing initiatives. Tradeshow planning, marketing and design is an area that Shaffer Design Works excels in and always produces exceptional advertising vehicles, regardless of the customers demands. To help with planning and execution of your next tradeshow I have outlined a few tips below.

Tradeshow Tips:

– When planning and researching a tradeshow, be sure you can gain or have a chance at gaining at least enough customers to make the event worth while.

– Be sure to have enough business cards printed before hand to handout. This may seem trivial to some people, however you would be surprised at the number of professionals who run out of business cards during or before an event commences.

– When producing tradeshow literature and collateral, be sure to keep it simple and eye catching. Professionals that often visit a show often don't read the literature that is handed out right away, this is why it is increasing important that your literature deliver a quick, clear and concise message to any potential prospect that may visit your organizations display booth.

– When managing or occupying a booth, don't underestimate the power of professional attire. The type of clothing you and your associates choose to wear when managing and attending a booth depicts how serious your organization is. So make sure you and your associates look the part.

Recently Shaffer Design Works, engaged in a project to assist with producing a tradeshow backdrop. An example of an 8' exhibit is shown below.

When considering your next trade event or if your company or organization is looking for great ideas when it comes to large or small tradeshow events and exhibits contact Shaffer Design Works at:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Identity Standards

Cleveland based graphic design firm specializing in Advertising, Internet and Marketing brand applications is assisting a large manufacturer with the authoring of an identity standards guide. Brand identity standards guides should include everything that touches the marketing and advertising platforms.

Below is an outline that provides a brief best practices approach to writing and developing a brand standards guide:

a.) Corporate Level applications: business card, (all) stationery applications as well as PowerPoint and Website brand attributes.

b.) Advertising guidelines (layout, font, colors, style)

c.) Signs (lobby signs as well facility signs (also known as environmental graphics) at a corporate and retail level, Point of Purchase should be included in this section as well (however applicable).

d.) A standards manual should also contain catalogs, (print and electronic versions) manuals and any internal document layouts (before and after – if there was recent rewrite, this can help ensure workforce notification and participation).

Finally it is important to have key personnel within the general marketing department help follow-up and be available to answer any questions about brand guidelines. This will help see through continued execution of a re-brand or updated corporate identity standards manual.

Obviously the points above have been summarized and entire pages can be written about each section and subject. However, it is important to remain focused on driving consistency and uniform brand guidelines where applicable within a company or organization.

Shaffer Design Works brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in this category to all of our branding and re-branding projects we engage in. For more information about brand guidelines and standards contact: