Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Package Design for the Aviation Cleaning Industry

Shaffer Design Works, Cleveland area marketing and advertising design firm specializes in naming, package design and overall strategic marketing for new products.

Shaffer Design Works is helping a Florida based aviation company come up with successful and attractive ideas that sell. A sample of one proposed idea can be found below.

Rick Shaffer, Principal of Shaffer Design Works states, "When designing and picking the colors for the packaging we thought it might be neat to emulate the metallic colors found on some turbo prop propeller blades, such as a Beechcraft King Air."

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Graphic Design Analogy

"When operating and managing a marketing firm or small design boutique, it is sometimes like managing or cooking over a hot stove 12 burners deep. You never know when something simmering will need to be moved to one of the front burners for immediate attention."

– Rick Shaffer, Principal and Creative Director of Shaffer Design Works, LLC

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rick Shaffer featured in The Gateway News (A Record Courier Publication)

Rick Shaffer founder and creative director of Shaffer Design Works, a Cleveland-Akron marketing firm was showcased in the local Streetsboro "The Gateway News."

The article speaks to Rick's unique design studio and everlasting passion for marketing, authoring and design for advertising vehicles. The article is fittingly entitled "A designer's den of creative energy and a pang of envy" by Bob Gaetjens, Editor and Writer who speaks to his experience of visiting the Shaffer Design Works studios. The article also mentions Rick's recent contribution to "49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales" titled, "The Visual Components of Your Brand." In the article Rick outlines the quintessential elements for a good brand.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Check out Rick Shaffer's profile on Linkedin:

If you are into networking this is a cost efficient way to network, keep in touch or seek out old contacts. Shaffer Design Works enjoys supporting local area businesses and keeping up on the latest business trends in Northeast Ohio.

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Logo Design for a Promotional Marketing Company is Right Across the Street

Experienced logo design firm in Northeast Ohio, Shaffer Design Works (SDW) helps promotional marketing company further solidify their brand and corporate identity. SDW relishes in the opportunity to help companies of all shapes and sizes with their marketing and branding initiatives, however large or small the project maybe.

Rick Shaffer states, "A neighbor of mine and I were discussing what we did for a living. Shaffer Design Works was brought up in the conversation and it just so happened that the company that he helped manage needed some help with their logo design. The moral of the story is sometimes business is closer than you think it might this case it was right across the street and came from someone that I see and speak to frequently. Never discount any contact or relationship that you have as business opportunities are abundant if you keep your eyes, mind and ears open.

Marketing Tip:
When involved in the design or creation of any logo project, consider the many applications the finished logo will appear in. For example, Belaire Promotional Marketing was particularly interested in the logo looking nice when embroidered while maintaining a simplistic but attractive look and feel.

Shaffer Design Works Specializes in advertising design for companies of all shapes and sizes. For more information visit:

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Book Signing Party for John Henry Creel

Rick Shaffer Principal and founder of Cleveland/Akron area design firm Shaffer Design Works, LLC will join John Henry Creel for a book signing party at Pickwick & Frolic (Restaurant & Club) in Cleveland, Ohio. Rick Shaffer says, "The Shaffer Design Works team played an integral part in the book cover layout and design as well as interior page design of John Henry's upcoming book entitled "C-Reel Results – 12 Weeks to Permanent Fat Loss and Weight Management."

Comedian Greg Morton will perform after the book signing party.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Newsletter Service

Shaffer Design Works, creative boutique and graphic design firm excels at providing it's clients with creative copy writing and newsletter articles.

Marketing Tip:
When writing articles for a newsletter or annual company publication consider your demographic and write interesting articles that can help raise the readers interests and attention. For example, if your publication's is speaking to a health conscious audience than consider writing articles that offer healthy eating habits and/or talk about a routine on how to exercise on a regular basis.

Before developing your next company publication talk to Shaffer Design Works for exceptional ideas on how to increase and bolster subscriber interest. To learn more visit: