Thursday, October 11, 2007

Logo Design for a Promotional Marketing Company is Right Across the Street

Experienced logo design firm in Northeast Ohio, Shaffer Design Works (SDW) helps promotional marketing company further solidify their brand and corporate identity. SDW relishes in the opportunity to help companies of all shapes and sizes with their marketing and branding initiatives, however large or small the project maybe.

Rick Shaffer states, "A neighbor of mine and I were discussing what we did for a living. Shaffer Design Works was brought up in the conversation and it just so happened that the company that he helped manage needed some help with their logo design. The moral of the story is sometimes business is closer than you think it might this case it was right across the street and came from someone that I see and speak to frequently. Never discount any contact or relationship that you have as business opportunities are abundant if you keep your eyes, mind and ears open.

Marketing Tip:
When involved in the design or creation of any logo project, consider the many applications the finished logo will appear in. For example, Belaire Promotional Marketing was particularly interested in the logo looking nice when embroidered while maintaining a simplistic but attractive look and feel.

Shaffer Design Works Specializes in advertising design for companies of all shapes and sizes. For more information visit:

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