Thursday, August 30, 2007

Green Movement

Creative design studio Shaffer Design Works has been tasked with a number of initiatives to help our Cleveland-Akron and National customers develop "Green Friendly" marketing materials. Shaffer Design Works has been asked to assist with everything from strategy, copy writing to art direction and graphic design. Above is an example of a design piece Shaffer Design Works recently completed. The environmentally friendly booklet was designed and printed on recycled paper that contains 30% post consumer waste.

Below are some Website resource links that include an abundance of facts about our forests and products derived from forests:

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Print Design in Stone Mantels and Fireplaces

Freelance Art Director for hire and local marketer just finished designing a printed brochure for a medium sized marketing company. The unique layout was developed for a Spanish based company that specializes in the creation of unique fireplaces and mantels. When designing the collateral piece, special color combinations that reflect fire and warmth were taken into consideration.

Marketing Tip:
When creating product brochures it always a good idea to consider a size and format that will be conducive for showing off the particular product without overwhelming the potential customer. For example, instead trying to show several large photographs, showcase small thumbnail photos or images. This tactic often helps further entice the customer to ask additional questions.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Business and Customer Service Tips

Below are some great tips for keeping customers happy...I found them in a How article on the Web. The tips below are not only good for marketing communications businesses, but can be applied to ANY business or organizations customer or client service arsenal.

1. Be consistent with good ideas. Customers will learn they can rely on you to solve their problems.

2. Do your homework. Research every aspect of a company, its philosophy and the problem it wants to solve, to provide a dead-on solution.

3. Look at a problem from all sides. Sometimes the best solution is found when coming at a problem from an unusual angle.

4. Listen. Show your clients that you think they know what's best for them.

5. Communicate well. Develop open, frequent communication, and be receptive to criticism or worries from customers.

6. Be honest. If something isn't working, it's best to address it right away. Clients will appreciate the straightforward approach.

7. Build mutual trust and respect. Once you've grown to understand each other and trust the quality of results, you can rely on each other's instincts and trust each other's judgment.

8. Bend over backwards. Customers will respect and be grateful to you when they see you working hard for their products.

9. Maintain high standards. Every project is worth 100% of your effort. Don't let quality suffer, no matter how busy you become.

Shaffer Design Works prides itself on keeping our customers happy and always practices good design and client service skills. To read the entire article:

Saturday, August 18, 2007

49 Marketing Secrets article contribution featured on Small Business CEO

Rick Shaffer, published author with an article on visual branding appearing in 49 Marketing Secrets was featured on a very good blog "Small Business CEO".


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Friday, August 17, 2007

Website Design and Execution

Cleveland-Akron graphic design boutique just finished designing a series of packaging labels for an aviation company. Rick Shaffer states that Shaffer Design Works is often referred to as a strategic business partner when it comes to our customers marketing efforts both large and small regardless of industry type. In the coming weeks Shaffer Design Works will be capturing photography for the aircraft cleaner Website along with executing the Web site strategy. The completed task will showcase a well designed shopping cart Website.

Marketing TIP:
When developing a Web site for your business (existing or start-up) it is always a smart idea to start with a holding page for immediate presence. This marketing tactic stirs interest around the company developing and promoting the new business. This will also buy additional strategy and planning time for a smooth and successful Website launch.

An example of a holding page can be found at:

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Monday, August 13, 2007

A Graphic Designer that can Illustrate

Rick Shaffer, designer and illustrator in Cleveland, Ohio just finished an illustration project for a plastic cup and lid company in Canton, Ohio. The cups will be produced overseas in China and when completed the cups will be distributed to restaurant chains both large and small. The above illustration was rendered on a cup template similar to that of a packaging template for package design and layout.

Experienced artist Rick Shaffer has always had a knack for illustration and relishes in the chance to help the customers of Shaffer Design Works with offering such services as illustration. Rick Shaffer states, "If an artist knows how to render traditional illustrations and masters the creative software applications than the sky is the limit. Illustration knowledge helps you produce better logos, execute creative layouts in any medium (print or web) and ultimately helps you to think outside of the box."

The business of marketing and advertising is truly a business driven by passion and the more passion you have the longer you will be successful.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Being a published author brings credibility to your sales efforts

Recently Rick Shaffer Cleveland area Creative Director of Shaffer Design Works met a with a potential customer and brought a copy of "49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales". The customer was so impressed by the gesture of the book that they not only offered up more work but looked to Shaffer Design Works as more than just a graphic design house and asked if they could assist with a recent Public Relations (PR) campaign that were about to roll out. Shaffer Design Works has offices in Streetsboro, Ohio and specializes in unique branding ideas for their clients.

"49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales" is a book that Rick Shaffer, Principal and founder of Shaffer Design Works was asked to contribute to. The article "The Visual Components of Your Brand" (found on page 66) was selected to appear in the book while accompanying other national published authors. 49 Marketing Secrets is available for purchase at:

It just goes to show you that being a published author/writer gives you and your business the added credibility and opportunity to help garner the extra sales it takes to continue to grow a business. For great advertising and marketing help and ideas contact Shaffer Design Works at:

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Website Design

When it comes to Website design and implementation, Cleveland-Akron area design firm Shaffer Design Works ranks first in the category. There is a huge misconception about Website design and development out there right now. The misconception is that there are quite honestly designers and programmers. A seasoned designer knows how to design and implement a companies brand from existing or non-existent materials. Seasoned programmers are best at writing code for a Website and coming up with technical solutions for front-end graphics. You wouldn't build a house without an architect first drawing up the plans for the could get pretty expensive putting a contractor to work without any plans or blueprints to work from.

At Shaffer Design Works our expertise is to provide the best design and marketing solutions to our customers regardless of the size or state of their company or organization. Rick Shaffer, Founder and Creative Director at Shaffer Design Works says the best way to approach Web site design and development is from first a design stand point while taking the programming applications into heavy consideration. The design should come first as that is what your customers will see first. Not that this means you can just slap together any old programming language to support the front-end graphics but design and layout is paramount. Just as design is paramount when it comes to printed materials. There are some great commercial and digital printers out there but you wouldn't ask them to layout an annual report for a non-profit or fortune 500 company. You would ask them to print it on the best possible press for the job or color application. The same way you should ask a programmer to implement the best programming language to support the back-end of a Website.

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Note: The above Website sample/screen capture is for a national aviation services company.