Sunday, August 05, 2007

Website Design

When it comes to Website design and implementation, Cleveland-Akron area design firm Shaffer Design Works ranks first in the category. There is a huge misconception about Website design and development out there right now. The misconception is that there are quite honestly designers and programmers. A seasoned designer knows how to design and implement a companies brand from existing or non-existent materials. Seasoned programmers are best at writing code for a Website and coming up with technical solutions for front-end graphics. You wouldn't build a house without an architect first drawing up the plans for the could get pretty expensive putting a contractor to work without any plans or blueprints to work from.

At Shaffer Design Works our expertise is to provide the best design and marketing solutions to our customers regardless of the size or state of their company or organization. Rick Shaffer, Founder and Creative Director at Shaffer Design Works says the best way to approach Web site design and development is from first a design stand point while taking the programming applications into heavy consideration. The design should come first as that is what your customers will see first. Not that this means you can just slap together any old programming language to support the front-end graphics but design and layout is paramount. Just as design is paramount when it comes to printed materials. There are some great commercial and digital printers out there but you wouldn't ask them to layout an annual report for a non-profit or fortune 500 company. You would ask them to print it on the best possible press for the job or color application. The same way you should ask a programmer to implement the best programming language to support the back-end of a Website.

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Note: The above Website sample/screen capture is for a national aviation services company.

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