Monday, August 13, 2007

A Graphic Designer that can Illustrate

Rick Shaffer, designer and illustrator in Cleveland, Ohio just finished an illustration project for a plastic cup and lid company in Canton, Ohio. The cups will be produced overseas in China and when completed the cups will be distributed to restaurant chains both large and small. The above illustration was rendered on a cup template similar to that of a packaging template for package design and layout.

Experienced artist Rick Shaffer has always had a knack for illustration and relishes in the chance to help the customers of Shaffer Design Works with offering such services as illustration. Rick Shaffer states, "If an artist knows how to render traditional illustrations and masters the creative software applications than the sky is the limit. Illustration knowledge helps you produce better logos, execute creative layouts in any medium (print or web) and ultimately helps you to think outside of the box."

The business of marketing and advertising is truly a business driven by passion and the more passion you have the longer you will be successful.

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