Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Logo Design Process

This blog entry is for anyone who might be involved in the process of purchasing creative services from any type of creative agency, graphic design house, Web house, marketing firm or design studio. I have taken the time roughly outline a basic logo creation and design from concept to final approved art for the corporate identity and corporate identity standards manual stages.

The first part (Creative Process #1) of this process begins with conceptual ideas about the logo and what the logo will ultimately stand for or symbolize. In the example below, the logo was for an individual that was starting a company comprised of several advisory and/or networking boards. The design concept that was pursued was an idea that helped to depict a group (RPF) surrounded by the G (Group) to help demonstrate a closeness that would be experienced in an advisory board environment.

The creative design folks at Shaffer Design Works begin (Creative Process #2) formulating their ideas around their discoveries from Creative Process #1 with black and white layouts. An artist will begin selecting typography or a type face for what will be deemed appropriate for our client's general audience. We begin with rough thumbnail sketches and/or B&W layouts to help us develop the general form of the logo or company symbol. In the example below we showcase a type ligature to help demonstrate the idea.

Once a few designs are completed (one shown here) we then take the creation into the color selection process (Creative Process #3). In the example provided below, the customer requested very vibrant color combinations. The client wanted their potential partners to get excited about conducting business with RPF Group thus the reason for the bright color suggestions. The leader of the company chose the first color option (shown below).

Final Approved Logo Design

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