Monday, February 18, 2008

Photography Retouching for the Fashion Industry

Expert Photo Retouching is a creative service that Shaffer Design Works has always offered to all industries (i.e. manufacturing, aviation, retail, human resources, construction, financial, medical ETC.). An example of photography retouching can be found below. These photos were shot on a Saturday and appeared in The Cleveland Plain Dealer the following Wednesday. While all of the photo retouching that Shaffer Design Works creatively executes for various advertising mediums is expertly color corrected the assignments sometimes come with tight deadlines. Shaffer Design prides itself on serving all of clients regardless of the deadline or ultimate goal of the marketing piece.

Speaking of last minute color correcting in Adobe Photoshop, The color correction specialists at the Shaffer Design Works studios in Streetsboro, Ohio worked there magic on removing a yellowish cast of light that was unavoidable when the photography was captured. By removing the yellowish cast the dress was brought back to its original true Lavender color. This photo alteration allowed the dress to showcase exceptionally well in the newspaper magazine advertisement.

Original Photography

Retouched Photography

Newspaper Ad Showcasing Retouched Fashion Photography

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