Monday, April 30, 2007

Newsletters continue to be a very good marketing vehicle to help get the word out. In this Blog you will find a sample of a credit union newsletter written, designed and executed by Shaffer Design Works. More often than not newsletters are not regarded as high end publications and marketing dollars are allocated to other areas. The irony in this is that for a few additional marketing dollars newsletters can have great impact when written, designed and executed properly.

When considering putting together a newsletter, think of it as putting together a high-end magazine that will have great impact on your customers and/or prospects. Gathering thoughts of recent activities or customer offerings going on in your organization will help you organize and write the newsletter articles effectively. Consider upgrading the photography or graphics within your newsletter. Graphics can add interest and impact to any publication.

Shaffer Design works can help with any and all aspects of your companies newsletter or small publication needs.

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