Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cleveland design firm Shaffer Design Works specializes in art direction for photography shoots. Shaffer Design Works has extensive knowledge and experience executing even the most difficult of photos. Children are some of the more challenging of photo subjects as you never know what you will get and need to prepare your clients and photography crew for any last minute changes with lighting, props, models and/or anything that may contribute to the end result. Sometimes you may have several shots planned and realize an extra day or two is required for proper photography execution. It is critical to plan ahead and allocate additional time and budget dollars to your photography projects. This saves time and money when executing your Website, collateral and/or advertising strategy.

Many times it is less expensive and more economical to set-up a photography shoot with your art director or graphic designer as opposed to trying to find stock photography to fit whatever situation it is you are trying to capture. When choosing a professional photographer it is important to choose a photographer that is flexible, responds well and adjusts to change and/or the circumstances related to the photography shoot.

The sample photos in this Blog post were directed by Rick Shaffer of Shaffer Design Works (Cleveland Graphic Designer) and captured by Hal Stata of Stata Productions (Cleveland Photographer). Please contact Rick Shaffer at Shaffer Design Works with inquires about photography direction and execution. For more information about Shaffer Design Works please visit:

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