Saturday, April 28, 2007

"49 Marketinng Secrets (THAT WORK) to Help Grow Sales" is a book due out Spring 2007. I was invited to write an article about Branding and Corporate Image.

Shaffer Design Works created and designed the layout for the book. Ron Finklestein was the lead writer of the book. To learn more about the book you can review Ron's Blog at:

The 49 marketing Secrets Website can be found at:

The book contains some great articles on everything from: marketing, branding, sales and presentations.

When looking for a graphic designer to help with book, newsletter or general publication design and layout be sure that they can show you samples of their work. Also, ask them about their process before committing to any graphic designer. A good creative designer will be able to walk you through all necessary steps of book layout and design as well as explain to you what will be needed from you at the begining, during and the conclusion of the book layout. Shaffer Design Works can help with the design, layout and formatting of any publication as well as offer guidance to the entire creative process.

Look for "49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to grow sales" on in Spring 2007. Contact Shaffer Design Works for more information about creative design and layout at: The offices of Shaffer Design Works are conveniently located in Streetsboro, Ohio.

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