Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bring in the New Year with a Re-Brand

A food distributer and vending machine company engaged Shaffer Design Works as a guide for the company's new logo and corporate identity. Below is an example of the original business card and then the re-branded calling card showcasing the newly designed logo, style, colors and layout.

Original Business Card

New Logo and Creative Corporate Identity

When developing and laying out business cards for your company or organization it is important to consider using the backside of the business card as a marketing tool to help tell your corporation's story. An example of this creative process is demonstrated above with the National Fun Foods business card.

Shaffer Design Works is also helping National Fun Foods with various other brand attributes throughout their organization. When developing a brand, consider anything else that potential prospects and current customers might see that is connected to your business. For example, this vending machine company will have their new logo placed on coffee boxes, aprons for trade shows, invoices, delivery trucks, wending machine covers, signs and any other items to help solidify the new brand.

When introducing a new logo consider contacting local newspapers and magazines, as editors and reporters are always up for a new story. The is a great way to help bolster your PR campaign. Make a marketing splash when executing a creative re-brand, this can help your marketing investment bring in new business to assist in offsetting any marketing costs associated with your upgrade in branding.

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