Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brand Consistency between the world of print material and the world wide Web

Shaffer Design Works serves a multitude of clients from different business categories and markets, this helps keep our work and projects diversified. For example, one minute we are working on an e-mailable newsletter and the next we might be helping a large organization re-write their corporate identity standards manual. At any rate, good brand should compliment your business or organizations overall message, look and business type. Most importantly a well designed brand should be able to cross both print and internet advertising and marketing mediums along with staying consistent and true to the corporate colors the company brand employs.

An example of a recent re-brand that Shaffer Design Works has helped to implement is a newsletter for a procurement company specializing in saving their customers both time and money. Shaffer Design Works was tasked with redesigning the company newsletter along with the electronic version of the newsletter. This example demonstrates how a well thought out brand can bridge both traditional marketing mediums along with helping to stream line new, less expensive and exciting mediums.

Printed Newsletter Cover Layout

Printed Newsletter Inside Layout

Keeping in mind the newsletter and company brand attributes currently in place, Shaffer Design Works successfully developed a version for the internet and Email applications.

Electronic – Email Ready Newsletter Cover and Supporting Page Layout

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