Thursday, September 06, 2007

Advisory Committee Member

Rick Shaffer, Artist and Creative Director of Shaffer Design Works, LLC has been asked to join the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (formerly Cuyahoga Valley Joint Vocational School) as an advisory committee member to assist the vocational school's digital design program with planning. The school serves several school systems in the Northeast Ohio area. To find out more about some of the programs offered by CVCC visit:

Rick Shaffer graduated from Cuyahoga Valley Joint Vocational School in 1993 with a 4.0 GPA. Rick states, "When I graduated from CVCC in 1993 all advertising design and commercial art was executed on a drawing table with marker layouts, stat cameras, keyline paste-ups, gouché paints, French curves, India ink pens and airbrushes being the tools of choice. Commercial art was slow to transition into the computer age primarily because of the way so many artists had created and mastered the commercial art trades."

Rick Shaffer will be assisting the school in every way possible to help ensure the power of vocational education for future students. CVCC started Rick Shaffer out with great fundamental and traditional skills that he still falls back on today while working with customers at his Cleveland area marketing and advertising firm Shaffer Design Works.

To find out more about Shaffer Design Works visit:

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