Sunday, May 20, 2007

Traveling Tips for Small Business Owners

When you are a small graphic design firm or the owner of a small business it is imperative that you maintain the ability to travel. It is has become a necessity for Shaffer Design Works to stay mobile and have the ability to service our customers while traveling. I have listed a few considerations when traveling for business and keeping in contact with your customers:

1.) Purchase a cool product like this PodiumPad for your laptop. Review the product and customer reviews at:

2.) Consider the purchase of a smart phone. I have used both a Blackberry as well as the palm 700P and in my past experiences I have found great value in both smart phones. Whether traveling for the day or across the country you will agree that a smart phone is the best way to keep in touch with your customers. Shaffer Design Works outfits all of their employees with a smart phone. The Palm 700P is available at Verizon Wireless:

3.) Before traveling be sure to always back-up your laptop. It is a good practice to archive at least twice a week. Shaffer Design Works archives every design project we execute for our customers. Here is a link to a pretty good Blog on how to back up your computer:

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