Thursday, October 16, 2008

Advertising Considerations

Shaffer Design Works, LLC excels in providing it's client base with a variety of marketing vehicles. Rick Shaffer, Principal and Creative Director, says, "With the economy tightening up, Shaffer Design is experiencing a number of our clients requesting more traditional tactical approaches to advertising, that said we have been required to produce some creative and innovative advertising for these folks."

A successful campaign involves many aspects but also follows proven paths. Consider the fact that running more than one print display ad or a combination of print and online can dramatically increase response. For example:

• Your subhead should sum up your business benefit to customers, possibly including a special offer or a unique aspect of your business the others can't match.

• Online advertising is proven that give ready to buy customers exactly what they need to make a purchase decision.

• Online directory usage is growing to highlight your business and show a solution, not a problem.

• A combination of print and online to enhance the customer experience like an emergency phone number, pager or Web address or e-mail. Be sure to list all of your locations and phone numbers.

• A listing in local search engines to reach a broader range of potential customers and leverage similar or overlapping headings, e.g., a florist with ads under “Weddings” and “Corporate Events” and “Funerals.”

• Running two display ads to target prospective customers in nearby areas or in Specialty Guides to reach specific audiences, e.g., “Aviation” or “Medical”. What's more, Companion directories have been shown to deliver twice the ROI of main directories when added to the mix.

• Customers rank multiple locations to stand out from competitors and to provide enough information for a customer to make a purchase decision on the spot. Research proves that doubling the size of your display ad yields a 45% increase in phone calls.

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