Monday, April 07, 2008

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization go hand in hand

Creative design boutique Shaffer Design Works located in Streetsboro near Cleveland and Akron, Ohio recently completed a large scale website project that included search engine optimization. Rick Shaffer, Principal and Creative Director of the creative agency Shaffer Design Works says,"The people we employ at our creative offices are more than just design centric individuals they are great thinkers too. We accomplish both large scale Website designs and advertising projects by knowing more than just the latest color trends and typography. You need to be able to put yourself in the clients shoes and sometimes more importantly the clients customer base as well as their potential prospect bases. We are able to do this by successfully communicating with our customers while helping them approach different strategies when it comes to their advertising and marketing vehicles."

One of Shaffer Design Works long standing customers is INEX. With their roots heavily entrenched throughout the aviation community, INEX specializes in aircraft detailing for aircraft both large and small. INEX has service locations throughout Florida, Ohio, Texas and a growing amount of basis on the west coast. While maintaining this national presence, INEX excels at delivering great customer service. Shaffer Design Works has implemented a plan that looks to boots traffic to: in the coming months of 2008.

Our design and internet capabilities are second to none. To learn more about Shaffer Design Works providing graphic design to your organizations advertising and marketing mediums across the board, visit:

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